The underwater realm serves as an escape for me. I use this phenomenon to create surroundings that I belong in. Influences in my work stem from my home-town Jupiter, Florida, where marine influenced growths and formations are abundant. Since moving to the Midwest, I am inspired by the similarities of formations within these realms. By abstracting biological curiosities into my own organic dream state, I meld the realms of underwater and forestry. The dream state is a vehicle for connection to my surroundings, where contextualized growth formations such as fungus and coral are implemented as antenna to transmit communication to the outside world.  Hybridized tonsiloliths or cyst formations are included, which depict symbols of tragic situations and characters.  Derived from true stories of family members, information is pulled from painful memories and their preferred method of escape, then abstracted into symbols.  The stories are organized and compartmentalized in metaphorical nests where they eventually fester and emerge as other types of growth.   Living and dreaming through another vessel encapsulates the issues in the environment and allows a method of coping or the illusion of control.  Humans experience the need for escape. We devise ways to harness this, either synthetically or mentally, but rarely physically. My work connects me to the universe in this way; I use it as a physical conduit to keep me connected through a tangible dream environment in an effort to disconnect from human nature.